Chatmon, Cathie

Senior Research Librarian
Adjunct Professor
Moore School of Education
George M. Manuel Library

EdD in Educational Leadership, Regent University 2007
BA in Bible, Piedmont Bible College 1992
MRE, Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary 1990
MLS, University of North Carolina at Greensboro 1984
BRE, Piedmont Bible College 1980


Dr. Cathie Chatmon was born in Winston-Salem and is a lifelong resident of the city.  Although she professed faith in Christ as young child and attempted to live a God-honoring life, she did not come to full assurance until her adult years. She attended local public and Christian schools.  Upon graduation she enrolled at what was then Piedmont Bible College and graduated with a BRE in 1980, which she later upgraded to a BA.  Desiring to serve the Lord in education for missionary children, she enrolled at UNC-G where she pursued a degree in Library Science with a view toward School librarianship, but God had other plans. Several roadblocks redirected her to Academic Librarianship. Upon receiving that degree in 1984, she came to work at Piedmont.  In 1987 sensing the need for additional education, she began to work on an MRE degree at Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary. After completion of that degree in 1990, she began to teach Christian Education of Children.  Later, she added Children’s Literature to her load. In 1995, she had a desire to add NC State Teaching Licensure to her credentials and to begin work on a Doctorate in Education.  She was able to complete her state teaching license in Elementary Education and in School Media Specialist, but put her doctoral studies on hold because of her mothers’ failing health.  In 2002, she resumed pursuing her dream of doctoral studies and enrolled at Regent University where she received her Ed.D. in 2006.  

Dr. Chatmon is in her 32nd year of employment at Piedmont and in her 26th year of teaching with the institution.  Because a large part of her work at PIU continues to be in the Library, where she serves as Library Director, she has the opportunity to see and chat with students on a daily basis in an effort to ensure that they are finding the materials needed and that their  information needs are met. She enjoys interacting with and encouraging  the library staff.  She has taught both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Courses that she has taught include Children’s Literature, Adolescent Literature, Teaching Bible to Children, Christian Education of Children, Teaching the Bible, Methods and Materials of Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Education, and Working with Families of Young Children.

Students have remarked about her Children’s Literature Class, “I hated to read until I took this class.”  Others have said of her Teaching Bible to Children Class, “this is my favorite class.”  She enjoys interacting with students both in and out of the classroom.

Dr. Chatmon currently teaches the Bible  portion of the Sunday evening children’s ministry at her local church and assumes other ministries as needed.  She  is extremely passionate about Children’s Literature and demonstrating how it can be utilized in the classroom. She enjoys interacting with children and students, both present and former  about their favorite books. She also maintains a blog, a part of which is focused on the reviewing of works for classroom and personal use. She is equally passionate about communicating God’s truth to children and young people. She has taught children in the local church for years with the ages ranging from 2 to 14.  She takes great joy to see those whom she instructs to “walk in truth” (3 John 1:4).

Courses Taught

Teaching Bible to Children
Christian Education of Children
Children’s Literature
Methods and Materials of Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education
Working with Families of Young Children 
Teaching the Bible


Association of Christian Librarians (since 2009)
North Carolina Library Association   (since 2015)
North Carolina School Library Media Association  (since 2016)
American Theological Librarians (since 2010)
International Reading Association – 1991-1993 

Committee Work: Member of the  Team who selects the  book for the Award in Excellence in Nonfiction  2011-2016
Attended the annual conference of the Association  2009-2012; 2015

Work Related Experiences

Book Talking Presentations for Elementary School Classrooms: December 1995, December, 1996 
Teacher of Children at Faith Missionary Alliance Church: 1977-1986
Bible Quizzing Coach at Faith Missionary Alliance Church :1982-1886 
Chapel Instructor at Salem Baptist Christian School: 1989-1992
Teacher of Children and Teens at Salem Baptist Church: 1989-1992: 1992-present
Director of Children’s Church at Salem Baptist Church: 2005-2007
Good News Club : Latham Elementary School: 2006-2007 
Church Librarian at Salem Baptist Church: 1989-present
Member of School Board Salem Baptist Christian School 2002-2005, 2006-2009, 2011-2014
Volunteer Aide at Prince Ibrahim Elementary School : 2008-2009
Served as a member of the dissertation committee for Donna Jones Leroy –Liberty University “Analyzing the Effects of Response to Two Intervention Tools: Oral Reading Fluency and  Maze Assessments in the Language Arts  Classrooms of Middle School Students”: 2009
Served as member of the Student Life Guide Life Committee: Piedmont International University: 2012                                                                                                                                                         


MLS Master’s Project:  Humor as Reflected in the Works of Beverly Cleary, 1984,  UNC-G
MRE Thesis: The Church Library: Edification through Media, 1990, Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary 
Dissertation: Exploring  Gender Disparity among Christian College Students from three School Settings, 2006 Regent University/Clemente, Dale and Chatmon, Catherine. “Are Homeschoolers Adequately Socialized?”  Private School Monitor, Spring, 2007
Chatmon, Cathie.  “Celebrate Liberty.”  Alliance Witness, October 6, 1976.
Chatmon, Cathie. “Becky on the High Ropes”  Alliance Witness, July 5, 1986.


West Virginia Christian School Association: The Reading-Writing Connection, Maximizing Memory Versed –1995 
North Carolina Association of Christian Educators: Not Another Book Report!  -- 1996
North Carolina Association of Christian Educators: Scales and Tales – Linking Music and Children’s Literature (Conducted in conjunction with Dr. Joan Winner)  -  1997
North Carolina Christian School Association – Character by the Book  -2004
North Carolina Christian School Association – Books You Can Count On  - 2009

Chatmon, Dr. Cathie