Music Education

Bachelor of Science

Woman playing cello


The Music Education program prepares music teachers for Christian schools, grades K-12. Admission to any music program follows satisfactory completion of entrance evaluation. Requirements for admission to the Moore School of Education also must be met.

4 Year Program
Available Residentially


  • Articulate a personal philosophy of music education, reflecting a need for music instruction in schools K-12
  • Demonstrate through exams, research/projects, competence in music theory and aural skills, music history, and form and analysis
  • Perform a junior and senior recital that shows the student is competent as a performer
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct a choir or band using proper conducting techniques and gestures that convey musicality
  • Exhibit the ability to use a variety of technological devices for teaching music through projects developed and explained
  • Develop and implement classroom management strategies by observations of veteran music teachers that produce a safe and stable environment for teaching music
  • Construct rehearsals and other music learning experiences built upon national and state standards using the concepts of scope and sequence and spiral curriculum