Deaf Community Services


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This concentration provides an opportunity for students to advance in ASL proficiency and gain a thorough understanding and appreciation of the Deaf-World and how to function in it socially and professionally. Graduates from this degree program will be prepared to work in various fields within the Deaf community, including but not limited to advocacy and outreach services, such as social work, vocational rehabilitation, job placement services, deaf service coordination, educational services, etc. This concentration also provides preparation for graduate school in a variety of disciplines.

Available Residentially
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  • Demonstrate ability to communicate in American Sign Language (ASL) with a minimum proficiency level of “Intermediate Plus” according to the SLPI:ASL rating scale (or equivalent)
  • Engage into a critical inquiry of Deaf lives by studying ideological, socio-political, historical, and cultural constructs
  • Evaluate national and international historical events and their impact on the Deaf-World
  • Recognize contributions from the field of Deaf Studies in order to make informed judgments that strengthen the Deaf community
  • Develop an appreciation of contributions of the Deaf community to society at large through literature, film, arts and theater
  • Obtain an entry level position in the areas of advocacy and/or outreach services within the Deaf community