Sign Language Interpreting


Students using sign language during ASL chapel


The Sign Language Interpreting concentration provides high quality instruction and training in practical and theoretical issues, skills, knowledge, and professionalism pertaining to the provision of interpreting services to the Deaf, Hard of hearing, Deaf-Blind and hearing consumers in a variety of settings so students may effectively minister for Christ in the Deaf community as professional interpreters. Upon completion, the graduate should possess the entry level skills necessary to serve as a qualified interpreter in a variety of settings, including educational settings, places of business, ministry, healthcare, and government agencies.

Available Residentially
Available Online


  • Interpret/transliterate accurately, effectively, and impartially using all necessary vocabulary and discourse regulators
  • Conduct self-analysis regarding their interpreting/transliterating performance
  • Satisfy professional benchmark exams to advance and pursue minimal entry level interpreting credentials
  • Develop a plan for continued professional growth and professional involvement