Master of Education

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PIU offers a master’s degree in education with two concentrations. It is intended for individuals who desire to elevate their professional knowledge and application of theories and best practices that foster an effective learning environment. Concentrations are targeted to the classroom teacher (Curriculum & Instruction) and the educator who is, or desires to be, a school administrator (Educational Leadership).

The program is designed and delivered specifically from a biblical worldview perspective which reflects the PIU core values as described in the Statement of Faith. In following the mission statement of the Moore School of Education, the program seeks to “train and mentor individuals to be exemplary professional educators with a biblical worldview.”

While participants in the program are typically from a Christian school setting, educators from all environments are invited to apply. The program does not provide a state licensure option. It is important that each applicant verify the acceptance of the degree for professional credentials with their individual employer before beginning coursework.

Curriculum and Instruction Concentration

The Curriculum and Instruction concentration is designed for the elementary teacher, secondary teacher, or school administrator who desires to elevate his/her professional capacity to effectively design, implement, and assess curricular and instructional strategies in a variety of classroom settings.

Educational Leadership Concentration

The Educational Leadership concentration is designed for the educational professional that desires to be equipped for the various facets associated with school administration. This program includes requirements that are applicable to a variety of school settings; however, primary emphasis is upon Christian schools.

2 Year Program
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After 11 years of teaching, I was awarded the 2017 Teacher of the Year distinction by my administration and peers. I am so honored to be recognized for this award, especially at such a young stage in my career. However, I would not be the teacher I am without the education I received at Piedmont. PIU is a place I can recommend to students without reservation. Thank you all so much for all you've done to impact my life.

— Courtney Adams

Courtney Adams


Upon completion of the requirements, the graduate will be able to:

  • Communicate a personal philosophy of education that integrates biblically-based truth in curriculum & instruction/school leadership
  • Demonstrate an advanced knowledge of strategies, issues, and trends associated with effective school environments
  • Develop, implement, and assess educational strategies that reflect best curricular and organizational practices while meeting a variety of legal and accreditation requirements.
  • Lead in the design, implementation, and assessment of effective learning environments for a diverse student population
  • Integrate technologies appropriate for personal productivity, school-wide communication, instructional enhancement, and student development
  • Critically evaluate and communicate educational topics to faculty and reflect biblical truth, current research, and contemporary trends